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Source of Band Councils empowerment

On January 7th, HRNABrantford sent a letter to Six Nations 56th Elected Band Council Chief, Ava Hill. The letter was sent to open a discussion about the source of Band Councils empowerment.

More Haudenosaunee land sold without consultation

BRANTFORD – A recent announcement about a Chinese Private School purchasing the long-empty Victoria School in Brantford has caused some to see it as a forward thinking step toward the globalization of education.

New private school raises some questions

On January 20th the Brantford community will receive seven student visitors from China. The school they will be attending is now owned by the private company Henan Education Canada Inc. in partnership with the Henan Provincial Government. It will be teaching the Ontario curriculum as a base.

Who Represents me asks (Kanienkehaka) Mohawk Man

BRANTFORD – A member of the Kanienkehaka (Mohawk Nation), living within the city of Brantford has begun a neighbourhood association. On its agenda is clearing up a number of assumptions on the part of Mayor Chris Friel and his council as well as Conservative MP Phil McColeman and Liberal MPP Dave Levac.

Bringing in the New Moon

The first new moon after the summer solstice is a great time to enjoy the new moon and give thanks. On june 27th about 15 people gathered early morning at the Bell Monument in Brantford to bring in the New Moon. Benjamin marshalled the gathering offering a smudge and a few words on the reason for the gathering. Benjamin explained…