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The Great Ever-growing Tree Belt

This belt represents an everlasting tree. It grows high and its top reaches the Spirit World that all nations may see it. Under this Tree the Peacemaker placed a general fire to burn forever, Onondaga, the Council Place of the Five Nations.

At that council it was said, “This is the last belt which we make confirming the laws which we adopted.” At this council the Peacemaker said, “As long as you follow the laws of The Five Nations, you will be in prosperity and happiness, but whenever our people do not heed the instructions we give, then there will come a state of dissension among our people.”

He, the Great Law Giver, The Peacemaker, also said, “When you are in a state of great confusion, I will return and again plant The Tree Of Peace, and it will become stronger than before, that in the end, the government and laws of the Confederacy will influence the entire world.”

This ever-growing Tree Belt symbolizes the permanence of The Iroquois Confederacy. It was displayed in confederate councils and was therefore sometimes called ‘The Wing of The Chief Royaneh.”

It was to protect the Council and to keep the eyes of the 50 civil leaders free from dust or harmful thoughts. It was displayed whenever the League Constitution was recited.

Skaronheseko:wa Tsiokterakentko:wa

(also called Adodarhoh Belt, Wing , or Dust Fan of Council President Belt )

This belt is the widest belt known. It represents an ever-growing tree. It is provided thus:

I am Dekanawidah and with the Five Nations Confederate Chiefs I plant the Tree of The Great Peace. I plant it in your territory, Adadarho, and the Onondaga Nation, in the territory of you who are The Firekeepers.

I name the Tree, The Tree Of The Great Long Leaves. Under the shade of this Tree Of The Great Peace, we spread the soft, white feath­ery down of the globe thistle as seats for you, Adadarho, and your cousin Chiefs.

We place you upon these seats, spread soft with the feathery down of the globe thistle, there beneath the shade of the spreading branches of the Tree Of Peace. There shall you sit and watch the Council Fire of the Confederacy of the Five Nations, and all of the affairs of the Five Nations shall be transacted at this place before you, Adadarho, and your cousin chiefs, by The Confederate Chiefs of The Five Nations.

If any man or any nation outside of the Five Nations shall obey the Laws of The Great Peace and make known their disposition to the Chiefs of the Confederacy, they may trace the Roots to the Tree, and if their minds are clean and they are obedient and promise to obey the wishes of the Confederate Council, they shall be welcome to take shel­ter beneath The Tree Of The Long Leaves.

We place at the top of The Tree Of The Long Leaves an Eagle who is able to see afar. If he sees in the distance any evil approach­ing or any danger threatening, he will at once warn the People of The Confederacy.

To you, Adadarho, and the Onondaga cousin Chiefs, all of the Confederate Chiefs have entrusted the caretaking and the watching of the Five Nations Council Fire. […]