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New private school raises some questions

letter-2015-felskyOn January 20th (2015) the Brantford community will receive seven student visitors from China. The school they will be attending is now owned by the private company Henan Education Canada Inc. in partnership with the Henan Provincial Government. It will be teaching the Ontario curriculum as a base.

Our association has collected public records and information which suggests that the land that was sold by the Grand Erie District School Board was done in accordance with the EDUCATION ACT Section 194. A board that is in possession of real property that was originally granted by the Crown for school purposes and that has reverted or may have reverted to the Crown may continue in possession of the real property for school purposes and when the board determines that the real property is no longer required for school purposes, the board may, with the approval of the Lieutenant Governor in Council and subject to such conditions as are prescribed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of the real property.

In a discussion with School Board Trustee Alex L Felsky, she states that, “The sale of Victoria [School] was conducted within the board’s rights as public organization and following the rules of the Ontario government. The site was declared surplus to the Board’s future accommodation needs in accordance with Section 194 of the Education Act. The Victoria site was then offered to preferred agencies at fair market value in compliance with Ontario Regulation 444/98. The 90-day requirement to receive offers passed and Board staff members went to market resulting in the sale to the now known Henan Education Canada Inc. who operates what’s now called the Victoria Academy.”

However, the Section that they rely upon to validate the sale may have some issues, so we sent a letter to the Brantford public organization Grand Erie District School Board and Trustees (‘Alex Felsky’) to ask who they officially presented during the sale. If the crown did grant the land to the Board, there must be an original conveyance to the Crown. Where is it? What conditions did the Lt. Governor in council make?

We also asked Alex Felsky if the private company and the Henan Governor were made aware of the publically acknowledged debt to the original landholders that Brantford CEO and Mayor Bob Taylor discovered in 1994 was $250 billion, saying that paying the debt would not only bankrupt the city of Brantford but possibly all of Canada. In 2000 CEO/Mayor Friel agreed 100% with the debt owed.

In releases by the Owner of Victoria Academy Inc., they states that they choose Brantford for its “pure Canadian environment” and that it [Brantford] fit the bill

The term pure Canadian environment is a very powerful phrase, it has the power to undermine the very existence, alignments and sovereignty of the Huadenasuanee (Six Nations). We want to explore these issues with the help of anyone interested.

Originally published in the Two Row Times