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The History and Culture of Iroquois Diplomacy

This collection includes documents of the Iroquois Indians. Spanning from the earliest surviving 16th century texts through 1842, the estimated 9,000 documents include minutes of treaty conferences, council meetings and agreements resulting from formal meetings. The records document the diplomatic history of the Iroquois nations or their league.

The Iroquois and the Athenians: A Political Ontology

Political communities are constituted through the representation of their own origin. The Iroquois and the Athenians is a philosophical exploration of the material traces left by that constitutional act in the political practices of the classical Iroquois and Athenians.

Iroquois Medical Botany

The worldview of the Iroquois League is based on a strong cosmological belief system. This is the first book to provide a guide to understanding the use of herbal medicines in traditional Iroquois culture.